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At least 5 years programming experience Skilled in several or all of the following: JEE, EJB, JMS, JDBC, MVC, SQL, Hibernate, Spring, JQuery, Angular, NodeJS, Maven, UML, XML. Others assents: HTML, CSS, side-knowledge of relational and noSQL-databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB. Deploy \ Basic setups: on application severs and web containers such as Tomcat, Jetty, Weblogic, Websphere. A university degree in informatics: Engineer, Master of Science, Master or Bachelor. Professional communication skills in English, French or Dutch is an asset. MS Certifications are a plus.


Design program, test and document software. Implement changes. Apply existing standards for programming, naming, security - performance and provide proper code documentation. Provide support to our customers.

Sobre a empresa

The Company is a ICT services company providing independent expert advice and business solutions with regard to web-application & smartphone development. The works with young talented professionals working as an experienced consultant/specialist (Architect, Developer) where the person can contribute significantly to current and future development projects. The work permit is a permanent contract containing a competitive European salary, according to function and experience. The company offer a car within the first year after successful target achievements. Help and assistance with all documentation and work permit procedures. Assistance in finding a decent place to stay. (furnished apartment/house).

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